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Meet Marlene

Meet Marlene

When Marlene Weber began struggling with her skin in her early twenties, she had no idea how that experience would change her life. Not only did her struggles motivate her to learn as much as she could about the body and skin health, they also inspired her to start her own business, dedicated to helping others heal their skin and feel their best.

In this Q&A, the esthetician and PureCeuticals founder discusses why she loves what she does, what makes PureCeuticals so special, and of course, her favorite skincare tips.

How did you find your way into this field? Have you always had an interest in skincare?

I started to have serious skin issues in my early twenties. It was so bad I didn’t want to leave the house. It was a complete hormonal imbalance in my body and overactive sebaceous glands. Luckily, I found an amazing doctor, Dr. James E. Fulton, who was the co-inventor of Retin-A and the developer of his own acne product line. He helped me through a terrible time in my life and cleared my skin. I learned so much about the body and ingredients used in skincare products, and I became fascinated by how it all works. After many years working in the corporate commercial real estate world, I decided to leave and become an esthetician to help others.

What sets PureCeuticals apart from other skincare brands?

PureCeuticals was created based on scientific research into what ingredients are effective in helping to clear and balance skin. I wanted the ingredients to be clean and natural, but with high amounts of active ingredients. I also wanted to be able sell these products at a reasonable price.

As an esthetician, I imagine that you learn a lot from your clients, since you see people of all different ages, races and backgrounds, with various skincare concerns. What are some ways in which your clients have influenced the products you created for your skincare line?

There are just so many different skin types—more than you realize. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment. You really have to listen to your client’s concerns and goals. They know their skin best. Once you have established a safe environment for them, you can properly treat them and get results they will be happy with. After being an esthetician for several years, I really understood skin types and wanted to make sure I had products to address the full spectrum. My PureCeuticals products allow people to safely mix and match different items to create an individualized treatment plan that achieves the best results possible.

What are the most important skincare tips you can offer?

You have to take care of your skin both inside and out.

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Eat greens daily.
  3. Wear SPF daily, even if it’s a cloudy day.
  4. Always keep your skin hydrated.
  5. Exfoliate weekly.
  6. Use a vitamin C or antioxidant serum.
  7. Get facials at least a few times a year, if you can.

The beauty industry can be a tough business. What keeps you going, even on hard days?

It’s definitely a saturated marketplace and I do get discouraged at times, but I really try to focus on my clients and my customers. I love when people I have never met contact me and need help with their skin concerns and I’m able to help.  I want them to feel I’m always there for them as I’m invested in their skincare journey, too.

What is the most gratifying part of your job?

Being able to give my clients the confidence to feel comfortable in their skin. I love getting emails from people letting me know their skin is looking good and they are happy! I know how hard it is to be unhappy with your skin, so it’s a great feeling when you can help someone put their best face forward.

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