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Retinol – Vitamin C Duo

Why the Retinol-Vitamin C duo is the best pair for your skin

Retinol is known for its skincare magic! Having been proven to boost collagen, speeds cell turnover for healthier skin—reducing wrinkles and preventing fine lines, helps to keep acne under control by uncloging pores, evens out discoloration and brightening skin tone. 

Vitamin C, on the other hand, keeps your skin protected from free radical damage, whether it’s taken orally or applied topically. Topically it also helps with reducing wrinkles, keeping acne under control and brightening the skin.

Studies have shown that Retinol is actually more effective when paired with Vitamin C, and both work wonders in protecting your skin from environmental factors and aging.

You may have read articles across the internet about Retinol being disastrous when mixed with Vitamin C, but did you know that it’s just a myth?  There’s a common misconception that Vitamin C at a low pH produce a more acidic environment, which then deactivates retinol. Acidity does not deactivate’s pH is naturally acidic and retinol naturally occurs in our skin.

While it’s true that the two are both active ingredients, you can keep the active component dominant just by making sure you mix the products correctly.  For best results, apply the duo in the evening – Vitamin C first and then Retinol. Always wear a daily spf of at least 30.

It’s the same with AHAs and BHAs—you can also mix retinol with either of the two for optimal results, as it helps to exfoliate that top skin layer so the retinol is able to penetrate the skin easier.

Of course, it’s still important that you monitor the effects of any ingredient to your skin.


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